UFOCon FAQ & Rules

We don't have ALL the answers of the Universe, but we do have them for our event!

How can I purchase UFOCon tickets?
You can pre-order tickets by visiting the “Tickets” section of our website. You can also purchase tickets at the door during the convention via cash and credit card at a non-discounted rate, if we are not already sold out.

What is the refund policy for tickets?
Tickets are non-refundable.

I pre-ordered my tickets; How do I redeem them?
Go directly to the “Will Call” area and give us your name.

Do you offer “professional registration”, discounts for industry professionals, group/bulk or military discounts?
Not at this time.  We price the tickets as low as we can already.

Where can I find the celebrity autograph/photo schedule?

Many fan conventions charge separately for an autograph and photograph.  We will be offering Autographs with "Selfies" (1 person at a time; 1 ticket) for some of our celebrity guests.  Schedule will be posted prior to event.

Can I purchase a celebrity autograph with selfie ticket online?
No. Celebrity autographs with selfies are sold onsite during exhibit hall hours, and are cash only.  

How/where do I purchase a celebrity autograph with selfie ticket?
You would go to the “Star Sighting” area of the exhibit hall. Once there, you would proceed to a given celebrity’s queue and purchase however many autographs you want. Autograph sales are cash only.

I only want a celebrity autograph or just a selfie.  Can I get a discount?  

No.  It is a combined experience with each celebrity.  If you wish to not do one, it's up to you but no discount will be given.  You may bring one item from home to sign, or have your program show guide autographed.


  • We know it’s disheartening, but guest appearances are subject to cancellation or schedule change at any time. We bring working TV celebrities and active UFO/Paranormal Investigators to the show and their professional schedules can change with very little notice.

  • Some Guests may charge additional fees for autographs and photo opportunities. Please double check pricing at the autograph tables or check with staff day of event.

  • Guests will generally appear for the duration of the event, although some may only available for a shorter amount of time (i.e. a single day). Appearance day(s) will be posted on the website once confirmed by the Guest or their Management.

  • All events, panels, autograph sessions and photo opportunities have limited capacities and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, unless otherwise noted.

  • Child (ages 3-9) passes have specific ages attached to them, and we may ask to see proof of age if your little UFO Hunter looks to be out of sync with the pass they are wearing. Children aged 3 and under can attend for free and do not require a ticket.

  • Our lawyers suggest we say this: ticket holder grants to BMK Publishing LLC, entities affiliated with UFOCon®, and their respective agents the unrestricted right and license to use the holder's name, likeness and voice in any production, reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication, public performance, broadcast or exhibition of advertisements, broadcast or telecast of the Event, promotions, contests, photograph taken, or other transmission or reproduction in connection with the Event for any purpose, without compensation.

  • Occasionally, we may offer special promotions. These promotions cannot be combined with any other offers or used on previous purchases. Other restrictions may apply.

  • UFOCon® reserves the right to change and/or alter these terms and conditions at any time deemed necessary.

Can I volunteer at UFOCon?

Absolutely! We couldn’t have this event without our volunteers team. Please email info@theufocon.com.

I am a Ufologist / Author / Guest Speaker and would like to be involved.  How can I be included?

We are no longer accepting speaker / panel applications.

How do I become a vendor?

Please complete the vendor application form here.

No Retail Sales Unless Exhibit Space Has Been Purchased

No retail sales are allowed anywhere in UFOCon unless you purchased or were allocated exhibit space. This includes the Exhibit Hall, common areas such as lobbies, program rooms, and outside venues, such as the Omni Orlando Resort & Convention Center grounds.


No Smoking, Including E-cigarettes and Vaping Products and Devices

No smoking is allowed at any UFOCon event at any time and in any location. No smoking at UFOCon includes traditional cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or E-cigarettes and any vaping product or device. This policy includes the Exhibit Hall, all the Programming rooms, and event spaces at the Omni Orlando Resort & Convention Center and additional UFOCon venues. You are welcome to step outside the Convention Center to smoke in designated smoking areas only.


No Handcarts, Trolleys, Rolling Luggage, or Oversized Strollers

Please be aware that, for safety reasons, no handcarts, trolleys, rolling luggage, or oversized strollers are allowed.



You assume any and all risks occurring before, during, or after UFOCon. You release UFOCon and their agents, licensees, assignees, and their respective affiliates and representatives from any related claims.


Alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking of any kind, weapons, and items that can be mistaken for weapons are expressly prohibited, even if they are part of a costume.

Costume Props may be inspected at any time during UFOCon. Depending on the realism, your prop may be inspected by multiple staff members during the event.  Oversized props that pose a mobility hazard including through doors or stairways are prohibited. We recommend dimensions less that 3 feet in any direction.

Cover your body parts please. Paint is not considered a costume and can not be used to cover a body part that would not normally be showing. If your costume is deemed too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.  No roller skates, skateboards and scooters will be allowed inside of the convention.

No Pets Allowed

If you have ANY pets, including iguanas, parrots, boa constrictors, or other nonhuman critters, please leave them at home. UFOCon will not allow animals into the building except for service animals. If your service animal is not wearing any kind of ID identifying them as a service animal, you may be stopped by security. 


No Market Research at UFOCon

UFOCon does not allow ANY market research, surveys, or information-gathering in any public area—indoors or outdoors—of the Omni Orlando Resort & Convention Center, or any other venue featuring UFOCon events.

Zero Tolerance Policy 

UFOCon has a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. If a person engages in any harassing behavior, one of our staff will take prompt action, including expulsion from UFOCon with no refund.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy applies to EVERYONE at the convention. This includes exhibitors, attendees, speakers, guests, professionals, press, staff, crew and security.

UFOCon reserves the right to change or modify any policy or rule at any time and without notice.

© 2019-2020 by UFOCon® is the registered trademark of BMK Publishing LLC.  All Rights Reserved.  UFOCon® is owned and operated by BMK Publishing LLC.  Prices, schedule, availability and guest  appearances are subject to change without notice.


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