© 2019-2020 by UFOCon® is the registered trademark of BMK Publishing LLC.  All Rights Reserved.  UFOCon® is owned and operated by BMK Publishing LLC.  Prices, schedule, availability and guest  appearances are subject to change without notice.


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Terms & Conditions

BMK Publishing LLC (hereafter referred to as “Conference Organizer”) agrees to provide such spaces to Vendor at UFOCon™ 2019, and reserves the right to refuse any potential Vendor for any reason. UFOCon™ 2019 will be held at the Omni Resort ChampionsGate (hereafter referred to as “Venue”).


PURPOSE OF CONFERENCE The purpose of UFOCon™ is to bring together the community of fans for a weekend of celebration and entertainment.


INCORPORATION OF EXHIBIT Exhibits A is hereby incorporated fully herein and shall be deemed part of this Agreement.


COMPLIANCE WITH LAW Vendor is solely responsible for ensuring its compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including any required qualification to do business; any sales, permits, tax rules and regulations; any fire codes or regulations; and any law governing promotions, contests, raffles, giveaways or games. Conference Organizer does not accept any responsibility for Vendor’s failure to comply with any applicable law, rule, or regulation. In the event that Vendor does not comply with all applicable laws, Conference Organizer may require that Vendor comply immediately or close Vendor space immediately. Vendor hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Conference Organizer as well as their officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, representatives, and respective successors and assigns, against any and all liability arising from or relating to Vendor’s compliance or failure to comply with any law, rule, or regulation.


LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED MERCHANDISE Vendor is solely responsible, and assumes all of the risk, for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise or other materials. The Conference Organizer does not accept responsibility or assume any risk for any lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise.


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY NEITHER VENDOR NOR CONFERENCE ORGANIZER SHALL BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER OR TO ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, AND CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION LOSS OF PROFIT OR GOODWILL, FOR ANY MATTER ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT. BREACH In the event that Vendor breaches this Agreement, including without limitation, any of the Rules and Regulations in Exhibit A, Conference Organizer reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately without notices or refund, and either close Vendor’s space(s) immediately, if the breach occurs during UFOCon™; or, resell Vendor’s space if the breach occurs prior to UFOCon™.


GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS This Agreement is made pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any changes made to this Agreement must be made in a writing signed by both parties. Conference Organizer may terminate this Agreement at any time upon notice to Vendor and shall, within a reasonable time thereafter, refund any portion of the payment that the Vendor has paid to Conference Organizer. Please note that the vendor must have someone at their booth at all times while the Marketplace is open during the weekend. Booths are not permitted to be left unstaffed.


EXHIBIT A: Rules and Regulations


SIZE AND LOCATION SIZE: A SPACE is a dedicated area in UFOCon's Vendor Room, for the express purpose of vending and promotion of products and services in which its guests may be interested. Spaces come in the following sizes: 1 space Table of at least 6’, complete with, name sign and two chairs. . May be modified to Vendor’s pleasure. Custom: A special size and area determined by discussion and agreement with Conference Organizer.


LOCATION: Conference Organizer reserves the right to assign the location of each Vendor’s space within the Vendor room according to its sole discretion.


AMENITIES Each space includes at least the following Amenities: A table of at least 6’, fitting the spaces accordingly Two (2) chairs One (1) sign designating the space Two (2) UFOCon “Vendor” badges to the conference which allow entrance to all events). Badges are non-transferable and do not provide access to conference programming or special events.


TRADEMARK AND COMPLIANCE: UFOCon™ is a trademark of BMK Publishing LLC.  Goods sold by Vendor at UFOCon™ may not include any food or beverage items, or any items including the UFOCon™ name or logo unless dictated by a separate agreement. Goods bearing copyrighted material may not be sold unless by the copyright holder or through a leasing agreement which UFOCon™ reserves the right to request at any time. Goods must be accurate reflection of Vendor’s description of items, and may not include items the Conference Organizer deem excessively mature for the audience of the Conference. Conference Organizers reserve the right to request the removal of any item from the vendor room at any time. Vendors found to be in violation of any of the above terms may be removed from the vendor room at any time, without refund.


ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Vendors requiring services or materials not listed under the Amenities (the “Additional Services”) must purchase such Additional Services from either the Venue or our exhibitor services company. Vendors shall not install Additional Services, including, without limitation, internet or electricity, on their own or through a service provider other than those specified by the Conference Organizer. Any Vendor purchasing or using Additional Services hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Conference Organizer as well as its officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, representatives and respective successors and assigns, against any and all liability arising from or relating to Vendor’s purchase or use of Additional Services.


MATERIAL HANDLING All Vendors and Advertisers not directly transporting merchandise and materials to the Venue themselves will require material handling by our exhibitor services company. Vendors requiring material handling, including, exhibit freight receiving, must purchase it through our exhibition services provider.


PRICE AND PAYMENT PRICE: Vendor agrees to pay Conference Organizer amount as outlined AND it is nonrefundable upon completion of this contract. Payment must be made in full.


It is the Vendor’s responsibility to furnish Conference Organizer with usable logo and website for promotion when requested by the Conference Organizer. # # #